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The Black Hills Designs – BLACK GARLIC is a way of eliminating first position bounce when loading into a Harris quick deploy style bipod. The BLACK GARLIC attaches to your bipod legs and is retained with a cable tie. Available in 2 piece sets the BLACK GARLIC can be added or removed by the user. The BLACK GARLIC allows the use to establish a more stable shooting position on the shortest locking position of the Harris bipod. This problem solved after a callout by our good friends at the Direct Action Resource Center (DARC), special thanks to you!

What is a Black Hills Designs Hybrid Project? – Here at Black Hills Designs we always want to encourage the end user to bring enablers to you and your group! We wish that you chose to take the open source page and use it to start the first steps in learning to develop capabilities and skills in house. However, if you lack the skills or equipment to manufacture the POD STOP we do offer this for purchase in our online store here.

How it works-

Manufacture Instructions:

The BLACK GARLIC bipod stop is a simple 3D Printed TPU product, once you are able to make one you can make dozens per hour.

  1. Download the project package HERE
  2. Import the STL into your 3D printer slicer of choice
  3. Orient the object to the print bed as pictured and slice it
  4. Print out of a TPU filament, we suggest OVERTURE 95A TPU
  5. Realize you forgot to print them in a pair, go to step 1

Installation Instructions:

  1. Extend your Harris Bipod Legs fully
  2. Slide the BLACK GARLIC over Harris Bipod legs
  3. Slide BLACK GARLIC down until it bottoms out against the foot of the bipod, this will compress the spring on the foot
  4. Secure BLACK GARLIC with cable tie
  5. Trim excess cable tie and run file over cut cable tie to ensure a snag free experience

If you wish at any point to remove the BLACK GARLIC simply twist the cable tie with a set of pliers and retain the BLACK GARLIC. The BLACK GARLIC may be installed and removed multiple times.

Harris Bipod not included
Retaining cable ties included

Only compatible with notched leg style Harris bipods
Currently available in black
Made in USA by Americans
Ships free in USA



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